Manisa Organised Industrial Site Logistics Depot


Manisa Organised Industrial Site (MOS) Logistics Service which is a 100% Manisa Organised Industrial Site investment that had been founded on 306,000m2 area has started to work in 2010 May with the participation of President of the Republic Recep Tayyip ERDOĞAN and Ministers, lowering both our existing industrialists’ transportation costs and increasing employment by channelling transportation savings into new investments, to make our industrialists more competitive in national and global scale by increasing efficiency in logistics speed and costs, with the knowledge that railway is the only environment-friendly, safe and fast transportation way 7.7 km of railway junction line to draw in foreign investments into our country if necessary to have an employment increasing effect with direct investment input, and having 12,770 m2 free, 1,200 m2 temporary closed storage area, 25,000 m2 container area.   By the end of 2017, MOS Logistics successfully continues investments and services for Manisa ISL industrialists by having increased railway junction line to 9.7 km with 2 km investment, container area to 75,500 m2 with 50,500 m2 investment, free closed storage area to 60,770m2 with 48,000 m2 investment to answer the rising transportation and storage demand, and completed 20,660 m2 concrete cargo handling ramp investment to answer closed wagon operation demands.   İzocam Tekiz was used for roofing and facade panelling in this project.

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Project Area :

18000 m²

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