About Us

Izocam Tekiz was established in 1966 to operate in the industrial sector in the field of thermal insulation under the name of Technical Insulation Corporation. With the small profile production line purchased in 1975, it started to manufacture acoustic and heat insulated aluminum lamel suspended ceilings for the first time in Turkey. In the first half of 1976, it took the first step in the production of new large profile line and presses and heat-insulated construction elements, and thus the production of polyurethane insulated sandwich panels was made for the first time in Turkey. 
In 1981, the construction of the factory building was started in upper Dudullu Organized Industrial Zone and in 1982 the company's title was changed to Tek-isolation and Building Elements Industrial Corporation by the decision of the general assembly.
In 1987, the coil-coating system paint plant, which can line, paint and laminate in rolls in Turkey, was established for the first time in Izocam Tek-iz.
In 1988, he started with trapeze plates and developed the production of roof and façade coating materials by producing polyurethane and mineral wool insulated sandwich panels for the first time in Turkey. In addition, with the production of Fibro roof panels with PVC membrane, sandwich panel application on flat roofs has added a new dimension. 
In 1997, the continu (uninterrupted) Panel Line was completed and the plant's production capacity increased to 2,000,000 m2. Izocam  Tek-iz, which carried out mineral wool insulated composite sandwich panel production for the first time in Turkey, started its production and application of Membrane Fibro Panel for the first time in Turkey in 1998. By 2001, the production and implementation of Kombi Panel was started for the first time in Turkey and the world.
In 2005, izocam Trade and Industry Inc. and Tek-Isolation and Building Elements Industries Inc. merged and changed the company name as izocam Trade and Industry Inc. By 2013, Izocam Tekiz started to serve with a new panel line with a capacity of 4,000,000 m2 and a modern and equipped Tekiz Gebkim facility.
Izocam Tekiz, which currently provides services in the field of insulated roof and façade panels and trapeze sheets and related accessories, continues to lead its sector by producing without sacrificing quality by following modern technology and innovations. With its experienced expert staff, it provides technical services to its customers as a solution partner from project to implementation.
Proving the product quality with the certificates and declarations it offers, izocam has become the preferred brand in the exemplary projects of tekiz sector, which has signed firsts with its products. Izocam Tekiz Mineral Wool Insulated Roof and Façade Panels have high fire resistance. Izocam Tekiz Tachyon Insulated Panels have a fire-resistant panel certificate with fire resistance (EI60) and integrity criteria (E120) in integrity and insulation criteria. Mineral Wool Insulated Roof and Façade Panels with high pressure and tensile resistance are also TSE and CE certificates. 
Mineral Wool Insulated Façade Panels are the first in Turkey and the Izocam Tekiz Sine Façade Panel, which offers the number of design possibilities in the world, has a TSE statement.
Polyurethane/PIR Insulated Roof and Façade Panels have CE and TSE declarations.
Izocam Tekiz Kombi Panel, which offers high fire resistance with high heat and waterproofing, has an FM Approval Certificate and a Broof (t2) Certificate that expresses resistance to external flame propagates. Thanks to these qualified documents, it ensures that the investor protects his investment with low insurance costs.
Thanks to the ease of application, short implementation time, time and labor saving façade and roof trapeze has proven its quality with the TSE declaration. 

Izocam Tekiz Plant (GEBKIM)

İzocam Trade and Industry Inc. environmental management systems; covers procurement, production, design, final control and delivery of product to customer and related processes. In this context, the related processes of the Head Office Offices of Environmental Management Systems are implemented at the production stages of Dilovası Facility, Gebkim Facility, Eskişehir Facility and Tarsus Facility and Sales Offices of Regional Offices.

The context of İzocam Environmental Management System; compliance requirements, the requirements of the legislation in the Environmental Legal Compliance Monitoring Table, national and international standards, the environmental requirements to be provided by the relevant ministry, the connected municipal environmental requirements, the connected industrial zone requirements, the conditions of the neighbors involved in the environmental impact, The expectations of our partners, employees and customers about the environment